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The information offered on this web site is not the complete instructions and knowledge base for search management, response or search techniques. The materials are not meant to replace field training by competent search, rescue, and / or emergency response leaders or to replace actual experience. The materials are intended to supplement training and real world experiences.

The SAR Alliance, the authors and contributors to this information do not endorse any specific equipment mentioned in the information provided.

The authors and contributors take no responsibility for the use any information contained on the web site, and take no responsibility and shall not be held liable for statements made by instructors and others who utilise this information. The recipient and user of this information agrees to protect, save and hold forever harmless the SAR Alliance, the authors and contributors to this information, against and from all loss, cost, damage, liability or expense arising from, or out of the use of this information.

The SAR Alliance, the authors and contributors of this information, shall not be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with an individualā€™s utilisation of the materials and instructions set forth in this information which may result in injury, death or other damages to a lost subject(s), the user or receiver of this information, his/her family, heirs or assigns. It is the duty of every person engaged in search, rescue and emergency / disaster management and operations, community, organisation, volunteer group, and agency, to obtain the knowledge and proficiency to perform and maintain effective, efficient search, rescue, emergency / disaster management and operations.

The information presented on this web site serves as the beginning outline and body of knowledge for search management and responseĀ programs at the community level. It is the responsibility of the user/receiver of this information to adapt to their needs and situations. Users/receivers of this information are advised to seek best practice information from other sources and to determine what is best for their needs and situations.

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